Thursday, February 25, 2010

Three games of interest last night.

First my U10 Silver scrimmaged my U11 Silver in 8v8 format. U10's played well and scored first. U11's came back strong and began to break down the U10's defense toward the end. U10's normally play 6v6 so it is not easy to stay organized without experience.

Next Up: Peachtree Ridge Girls JV lost 1-0 to North View. The first half was dominated by Northview with PRHS goal keeper making a miraculous save that surely would have been a goal.
Second half saw PRHS create a lot more chances but just couldn't finish. 

Lastly US vs El Salvador: Great game by the US who gave up a goal on a defensive error. It took them all of 91 minutes to regain the lead. Two great goals and several chances by the US gave them the lead in the end winning 2-1, in Tampa. 

Next UP: US vs Netherlands

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

USA vs El Salvador

Don't forget to watch USA vs El Salvador tonight at 7:00 on ESPN CLASSIC.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Indoor Soccer

So we played the top team in the Coed league on Sunday. They where fast, young, aggressive and very good with the ball. They really started to loose their cool when they found themselves down 5-1 at half time. Yellow cards, two minute penalties led to a fight and two ejections. We lost our to best players, one to injury and the other to the red card. We held them off the best we could. In the end they tied us 5-5. Crazy game.

Highschool soccer

Tomorrow is McKenna's first High school game. I think she will do fine, even though she is a bit nervous. HS Teams are usually a mix of rec. and select players all used to playing at different levels of play. McKenna has played against some of the best players in GA at State Cup the last two years. This past fall she played on a mid level team with in our club. She needs to continue the hard work on her fitness, speed and power to get back to the A level. I will say she worked every hard in the fall and now she is working out at school in PE, Body Sculpting and soccer practice, every day.
Good luck Macky.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Parent feedback

This was our final session with the U10 WINTER  and I got some really good feedback.

One parent said "My child showed more improvement in six sessions then they did in three months with an Academy team. They started practice outdoors and she looked like a new player."

Another said "We had previously tried a similar program but it was not nearly as good as Soccer Dynamics. Your style of coaching and the things you teach will help them immediately."

"I really believe in learning the fundamentals. Your coaching is more valuable than actual game experience with your average recreation coach."

All the U10's showed good improvement, but there is always work to do. I often get players that come back a year later with bad habits and less skill than when they left. If they are lucky (1 out of ten) or if they join the academy somewhere, they will get good coaching. 

ODP training tonight for my son Walker and then Super Y tryouts tomorrow. Wish him luck!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Foul Weather

Soccer Fields were closed at AFU. My Academy practices were cancelled. It has been tough to get in outdoor practices last season and so far this preseason. Might be a good time to sign up for additional training at Soccer Dynamics where we practice rain or shine. Indoor space is available, and the extra practice can compliment your outdoor team practices.

Our next six week soccer clinic runs Feb 23-April 3.

Monday, February 15, 2010

my Soccer Experience Blog

Hi everyone,

Thought I would start a blog about my youth soccer experience as a parent of three talented players, coaching director of Soccer Dynamics and coach of two youth Academy teams. 

We will start with last nights game. I play on a coed indoor team with my two daughters, age 14 and 17. Although we play in the 3rd division, we play against adults young and old, current and former college players, as well as some very athletic but somewhat inexperienced players. 

Our team consists of four dads and their kids, and a few friends and relatives. Nothing brings me more joy than watching my kids play. We have been chasing their games around Atlanta, most of Georgia and a lot of the southeast for the past 12 years.

But actually playing with them is special. Last night we beat Los Pitufos 18-2, they were very good but had to play short handed because no girls showed up. You must reserve two spots for girls at all times. On an even playing field we may be in trouble.

Scoring is still as fun as ever, and I can shoot way better now than I could as a young adult. Teaching helps improve technique, and proper technique makes all the difference.

Till next time