Thursday, May 13, 2010

AFU Classic

You win some and you loose some. But we did play four games with a partial team. One of our forwards was on loan to an older age group, the other was in NY. One key player got hurt and another got sick. Sunday we show up for our forth game in two days with no subs and the sun baking down on us. This was a test of will power just to complete the game. We scored early and tired trying to keep the pressure on. By half we were down 2-1. The second half we had to slow the game down or we would be walking to the goal picking the ball out. Well we did that anyway, giving up two more goals and finding ourselves out of energy and down on our luck. So we slowed the game down taking our time on restarts and lulling our opponents to sleep. With about ten minutes to go we found a spark, scored two goals and pushed hard the rest of the way. I am proud of the boys for never giving up and almost turning the game around.